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This page is a non-exhaustive "at-a-glance" listing of the links contained in my portfolio. It is in a state of constant revision.


video - Phone-answering-blogging robot action in Tajikistan. "10sec 1bayt" with Marisa Jahn
video - "MASSIVE CHANGE" time-lapse video with Steve Mann and Chris Aimone
video - FRED avatar system using 'flock-of-birds' realtime animation with Mark Hancock
video - Independant documentary on African illegal immigrants in Europe with Maayke Schurer
video - "Oy it's a Boy" comedic short for CBC television with Epstein Creative and Corus Entertainment
video - Kameraflage Manufacturer's sample
video - Kameraflage workshop prototype
video - Kameraflage attic prototype
video - CNET TV spot on Kameraflage
video - SIGGRAPH interview about Kameraflage
video - "Kameraflage Effect" as seen at Gadgetoff 2009
video - Emotionally Reactive Television with Chia-Hsun Jackie Lee, Chaochi Chang, Hyemin Chung and Ted Selker
video - Google TechTalk mentions eyeBlog @ 27:45
video - Discovery Channel story on eyeBlog
video - eyeWindows ACM video figure with David Fono and Roel Vertegaal
video - CTV news item on InteraXon's BCI installation at 2010 Olympics


link - Emotionally Reactive Television (ACM IUI)
link - Kameraflage (SIGGRAPH Unravel Fashion Show)
link - LookPoint: an Evaluation of Eye-Input for Hands-Free Switching Between Multiple Computers (ACM OZCHI)
link - eyeLook: Attention Sensitive Mobile Media Consumption (ACM UIST)
link - Augmenting and Sharing Memory with eyeBlog (ACM Multimedia)
link - Eye Contact Sensing Glasses for Attention-Sensitive Wearable Video Blogging (ACM CHI)
link - Attentive Office Cubicles: Mediating Visual and Auditory Interactions Between Office Co-Workers (Ubicomp)
link - ECSGlasses and EyePliances: Using Attention to Open Sociable Windows of Interaction (ACM ETRA)
link - AuraMirror: Artistically Visualizing Attention (ACM CHI)
.pdf - Designing Attentive Cell Phones Using Wearable EyeContact Sensors (Scientific American p.60)
link - Designing Attentive Cell Phones Using Wearable EyeContact Sensors (ACM CHI)
.pdf - Filed futures, creatives and marketing concept report for Initiative Inc.


link - Wired story on Kameraflage
link - BBC story on Kameraflage
link - CNN story on Kameraflage
link - Engadget story on Kameraflage
link - Gizmodo story on Kameraflage (HOT story. > 150k hits)
link - Science World story on Kameraflage
link - Digg discussion on Kameraflage (2464 diggs)
link - BoingBoing story on ECSGlasses
link - Slashdot story on ECSGlasses
link - Globe and Mail story on ECSGlasses
link - Wired article on InteraXon's BCI installation at 2010 Olympics
link - Popsci article on InteraXon's BCI installation at 2010 Olympics
link - Gizmodo story on InteraXon's BCI installation at 2010 Olympics
link - Globe & Mail article on InteraXon's BCI installation at 2010 Olympics

Patents Pending:

link - Kameraflage WIPO patent
.pdf - Considerate Vending Machine patent with MIT

Awards, Grants and Distinctions:

- Mozilla Labs Fellowship, 2011/2012.
- Chair of video track at 6th international conference on tangible, embedded and embodied intereaction (TEI). 2012
- Crewmember of the Atlantica Undersea habitat, the world's first permanent undersea colony. 2012
- Selected for Arctic Circle scientific/artistic expeditonary residency. 2011
- Invited demonstration at the first CES Tech Fashion Show. 2011
- Installation with InteraXon Inc. in "Ontario House" at Winter Olympics. 2010
- Invited Talk and Demonstration at Gadgetoff 2009
- Nominated for TED Prize for "Changing the World" youth conference. 2008
- Awarded Ministry of Innovation and Research BMEC commercialization grant for Kameraflage display technology. $20k
- Awarded Top 100 (6th place) textile innovations. Awarded by Thai Textile Institute and Thai Ministry of Industry. 2008
- Installation with Gamania Inc. at Shanghai MoMA Animamix Biennial. 2007
- Invited Visiting Scholar at MIT Media Lab 2006
- Invited Installation at Wired NextFest 2006
- Awarded "Animation of the Day" for FRED embodiment system animation by
- Invited demonstration at Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference 2004
- Voted Executive Producer of Queen's University broadcast television show an unprecedented two seasons in a row. 00/01, 01/02.